Music Theory in a Day

Music Theory in a Day

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Easy Videos

► Easy to understand instructional video

► Song Elements Explained

► Watch in a Day or Take Your Time over 30 Days

► Easy to Reference Videos

► Straight to the Point Videos

► Experience the Next Level of Music Production

► Learn How to Make Beats Faster with Theory

Music Theory Explained

→ Skip the boring University lectures and Learn Music Theory Fast

→ Make Fulls Songs and Not JUST Loops

→ Fully Understand the Hit Songwriting Formula

→ Learn Music Theory for the Modern Producer

→ No Specific DAW required

→ Fully Express Your Musical Talents

Everything Explained

• Learn to Make ANY Chord

• Learn How to Change Chords Easily

• Learn How the Common Scales Work

• Learn How to Make Great Melodies

• Learn How to Make Chord Progression

• Learn Chord Tricks

• Learn How to Make Effective Basslines

• No Confusing Vocabulary

• No Degree Needed: Easy to Understand Videos a Ten Year Old Could Understand

What’s Inside

  • Secret Chord Code System-Create ANY Chord
  • How to Create Chords by Shape
  • Major and Minor Scale Codes
  • Blues, Melodic Minor, and Harmonic Minor Scale Codes
  • How to Create Chord Progressions
  • How to Expand Chords
  • How to Create Melody
  • How to Write Full Songs
  • Bonus-Music Theory Essentials Preview Mini Course
  • Why Traditional Music Theory is so Complicated
  • What is a Chord?
  • What is a Melody?
  • What is a Chord Progression?
  • How to Make Long Chord Progressions
  • How to Write Melody from the Mind
  • How to Create Inspirational Chords
  • How to Make Interesting Bassline
  • How to Make Jazzy Chord Progressions
  • How to Create Melodies Using Chords
  • Circle of 5ths Simplified
  • Circle of 4ths Simplified
  • Writing Full Songs-Genres: Hip Hop, Rock, EDM, RnB
  • Chord Midi for Any DAW
  • Original course included for more detail
  • Scales and Scale Degrees
  • Song Structures


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