How to Mix Beats Easily

How to Mix Beats Easily

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Easy Tutorials

► Easy to understand videos on mixing
► Mixing Elements Explained and Demonstrated in Real World Scenarios
► Learn Mixing in Under 30 Days
► Organized Videos ensure You Won’t Lose Your Place
► Explanatory and Methodical Videos
► Gain Essential Mixing Experience
► Learn How to Make Mix Your Songs for the Radio

Mixing Explained

→ Skip the boring University lectures and Learn Music Theory Fast
→ Mix Full Songs
→ Learn Mixing on the Plugins YOU Have
→ Learn the Top Plugins for Mixing in the Industry
→ No Specific DAW required (FL Studio Recommended)
→ Mix like a Master

Everything You Need to Know

• Learn to Equalize Better
• Learn to Compress Tracks to squeeze Dynamics
• Learn the “Rules” of Mixing to Break them Later
• Learn How to Add Effective Reverb
• Learn How to Make Your Tracks Louder
• Learn How to Use the Stereo Field
• Learn How to Mix Vocals (Requires Advanced Mixing Course Acess-You Get in FREE!)
• No Confusing Vocabulary, everything is defined
• No Degree Needed: Easy to Understand Videos a Five Year Old Could Understand