Drum Magic - How to Make Drums that Bang

Drum Magic - How to Make Drums that Bang

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Do you open your DAW, pick random drum sounds and try to mesh them together? I used to do this when I first started making beats, but I didn't realize drums are the lifeblood of hip hop beats.

After years of practice and experience, Curtiss King created his unique drum process. He agreed to share this secrets with you today. He even shows you how to take crappy stock sounds and make them sound professional, it truly is amazing.

We all know DAW's don't always come with the best sounds, but that doesn't mean that will stop you in making beats like the pros.

In this course, Curtiss King fully breaks down his simple drum process. He takes wimpy stock sounds and makes them sound full and hard. He also shows you key sound sources he personally uses to get his larger than life sound.

He revisits the fundamentals in a new refreshing way which will open your mind to new drum ideas instantly. He also shows you the dummy-proof mixing strategy and he agreed to share his presets!

This course will guide you into making drums sound like the pros.

Real Stories from Real Producers

5 Easy Videos

► Easy to understand instructional videos 

► Drum Elements Explained

► Watch in a Day or Take Your Time over one week (Whole Course Download)

► Easy to Reference Videos

► Straight to the Point Videos

► Experience the Next Level of Drum Sequencing

► Learn How to Make Drums More Emotional and Real

► Download the Course to Watch ANYTIME you want

Bangin' Drums Explained

→ Skip the boring University lectures and Learn Drums Now

→ Make More Realistic Drum Rhythms and Not JUST Loops

→ Fully Understand Why Drums Hit Hard

→ Learn Drums for the Modern Producer

→ No Specific DAW required (FL Studio used to instruct)

→ Fully Express Your Musical Talents

Everything Explained

• Learn the Core Drum Elements

• Learn How to Stack Drums Properly

• Learn How to Create Translatable Mixes using Saturation

• Learn How to Make Great Rhythms

• Learn How to Create Drums for Your Songs

• Learn Effective 808, hi hat, and snare roll tricks

• Learn How to Make Effective Drum Transitions

• How to Spice Up Your Beats Instantly

• How to Make Your Drums Sound More REAL

• The Hidden Factors of Drums Revealed

• No Confusing Vocabulary

• No Degree Needed: Easy to Understand Videos a Ten Year Old Could Understand

What's Inside?

→ 5 Easy to Follow Videos

→ Big Drums Knock Kit Vol 3 (Curtiss King Drums)

→ FREE Project Files to help you along the training

→ FREE Mixing Presets for Your Drums